Valerie Reiss is a writer, editor, and content strategist. She’s also the Managing Editor of Mom365.com, a new mama, native NYer, and yogi.

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Kripalu THRIVE

Inner Peace, Off the Ground: Yoga in the Air and on the Water Thrive: The Kripalu Blog

Inner Peace, Off the Ground: Yoga in the Air and on...

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The Yoga of Eating: Incorporating Food Into Your Practice | Yoga ...

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving feast for yogis and plan to have a dish for everyone at the table, you might want to have a spreadsheet handy. The yoga community’s eating habits and philosophies are as diverse as the styles of yoga we practice. Ask for special requests, and you may get everything from vegan to Paleo to gluten-free to flexitarian.

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10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Yoga - OnFaith faithstreet ...

1. Your flexibility level is perfect for yoga. Tell non-yogis you’re into yoga and the first thing you hear is: “Oh, I’m not flexible enough for that.” They’re perhaps picturing a magazine cover with a Lululemon-clad lady eating her toes. I have some responses for this...

Kripalu THRIVE

I Don’t Wanna Do Yoga: Finding Your Way Around Resistance

When I was in my early 20s, a therapist told me I was very resistant—fighting suggestions, arguing insights, ignoring assignments. She was right, so I, of course, wanted to yell, “No, I’m not!”

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Kripalu THRIVE

Life Lessons from My Baby Thrive: The Kripalu Blog

Yesterday, someone asked me how I liked being a mom. As a new mom, I have no memory of how I answered. (Even with a kid who sleeps pretty well, it’s amazing how many of my brain cells seem to be in the Bahamas.) But this is how I would answer now, as someone who has been on the “yogic path” for 20 years now: It’s hard. And glorious. And full of so much grace.

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The Huffington Post

Horace Mann Abuse, a Pink Mohawk, and Me | Valerie Reiss

Like most Horace Mann alums, I read Sunday's New York Times article about the alleged sexual abuse of students by teachers with horror and sadness. I was also shocked, but not surprised.

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Kripalu THRIVE

There's No Sound Like Om - Kripalu

Ommm. It's often the first and last sound in your ears in a yoga class. But what does it mean? Perhaps you've heard...

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6 ways getting horizontal makes you healthy - CNN.com

6 ways getting horizontal makes you healthy - CNN.c...

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well + GOOD nyc

Why some coconut water fans are losing it | Well+Good NYC

Why some coconut water fans are losing it | Well+Go...

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The Huffington Post

10 Things I Learned At Yoga Teacher Training - The Huffington Post

But what exactly happens at yoga teacher school? Downdog 101? Mat Placement for Dummies? How to (Really) Breathe?...

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Kripalu THRIVE

The Joy of Eating - Kripalu

Almost right away, our teacher asks us to draw a “memorable food experience"...

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Kripalu THRIVE

Moving Forward After Cancer - Kripalu

When I plopped into the Radiance program’s opening night welcome circle, I was exhausted...

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Clearing the Clutter - Yoga Journal

When I started chemotherapy in December 2004, one of my first impulses was to do yoga...

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I Love NY - Yoga Journal

Ten years after the tragic events of September 11, a yogi considers the city’s strength, and fragility.

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Kripalu THRIVE

Knocked Up with Joy - Kripalu

When I was 17 I was obsessed with the idea of being pregnant. I sketched women round and bursting with child—over and over.